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CyclePac Inc.

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Welcome to CyclePac Inc.

Corbin is one of the largest after market motorcycle seat manufacturer and offers models that incorporate a removable backrest that inserts into a steel sleeve fabricated within the seat. Other aftermarket motorcycle seat manufacturer may offer models with the same backrest insert. The CyclePac (Model Corbin) is designed with a steel shaft that is (1/2 inch square and 5 inches long) that can be inserted into the Corbin seat once the Corbin backrest is removed.


The CyclePac (Model Sissybar), replaces your existing sissybar if you have sideplates that allows for the removal of the sissybar (usually four bolts). Once the CyclePac's steel sissybar adapter is inserted into the sideplates and secured, there is no drift due to wind resistance or vibration. The CyclePac bag or luggage of your choice is supported by four stainless steel swing arms. Two nylon straps with quick release buckles secures the CyclePac bag or luggage. Larger bags or luggage in height and girth like backpacks are equally secure during those long extended rides including backpacks.